Procedure for submitting a manuscript to a journal

Articles in accordance with the rules for authors can be submitted to the editor in two ways:

Through mail to the address: 367000, Russia, Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala, Lenin sq, 1, to the editorial board of the journal "Bulletin of the Dagestan State Medical Academy", 4th floor, cabinet 53, to the executive secretary.

Through mail to the editorial office:

  • The text of the article (2 copies). On the first copy, the visa of the head of the department "V print" and the signature. At the end of the article information about authors with their signatures.
  • Electronic version of the article on CD or DVD in doc format.
  • Cover letter, with stamp of the institution


By e-mail:

Works received by e-mail are published in the order of the queue as the editorial board receives correspondence and carries out correspondence with the author.

E-mail to the editorial office is sent to:

  • article materials
  • information about authors
  • a scanned copy of the cover letter

Originals are requested by the editorial board, if necessary.

After receiving the registration information and materials for publication, the authors are sent confirmation in electronic form from the editorial office about:

• acceptance of work in the press (within 30 workplaces);

• complete output data.

If the article is not drawn up according to the rules (requesting the authors for revision), the date of receipt of the revised version is considered the date of receipt of work by the editorial office.