Focus and Scope


The scientific and practical journal "Bulletin of the Dagestan State Medical Academy" is a regular peer-reviewed publication that reflects the results of scientific research of Russian and foreign scientists focused on the development of advanced medical technologies.

The purpose of the publication is to promote the scientific achievements of Russian medicine on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. The journal publishes articles of scientific and practical content, reviews, lectures, clinical observations, information materials, reviews, discussions, information on the scientific life of the university, congratulations of the jubilees.

The name and content of scientific works published in the journal "Bulletin of the Dagestan State Medical Academy" should correspond to the group of specialties of scientific workers 14.01.00 - Clinical medicine. Priority for publication is provided to articles of problem and scientific and practical nature in the following scientific areas:

  • surgery,
  • internal diseases,
  • obstetrics and gynecology,
  • pediatrics,
  • infectious diseases.

The main tasks of the magazine are:

  • generalization of scientific and practical achievements and knowledge in the field of clinical medicine,
  • advanced training of practical doctors of various specialties,
  • attracting the attention of the scientific community to the most relevant areas of medical science,
  • integration of Russian authors into the international scientific community, increasing the indexing of their scientific works in international databases and the dissemination of high-quality.